The eighth session of the General Assembly of States Parties to the 2003 Convention

With all appropriate sanitary measures due to the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic, 250 delegates representing more than 140 countries...


Launch of “Calligraphy Workshop at the Cafesjian Center for the Arts” Project

Ahead of its opening, the Cafesjian Center for the Arts announces the launch of “Calligraphy Workshop at the Cafesjian Center for the...



A family is a group of blood relatives originating from the founder of the family, uniting several generations and owning common patrimonial property. The family has its functions and type. There are two types of family- kin and a small family.
Kin is a big family, which consists of several couples and two or more generations of their children who live together under one roof. It also includes members of the family who are not related to others by blood ties. Such kind of union, based on property and land ownership, is characterized by unity during in family relationships and while working.
A small family is the lowest element of a big family or an independent unit that has its own property and a separate division of labour among its members.
Functions. Besides forms, the family has the functions of life support, reproduction, preservation and transfer of spiritual values. In their turn, they are divided into several types:
The hereditary-legal function involves the preservation and control of hereditary rights (general and private property, real estate, etc.)
The economic function involves the division of labour according to the age and sex principle, the organization of work in such fields as crop production, animal breeding, gardening, housekeeping, etc.
Educational function implies upbringing of children and reproduction of generation.
Moral function implies questions concerning the reputation of the family, the relationship between children and the elders, men and women.
Hospitality function implies traditional forms of hospitality (treat, providing shelter and special place, seeing off  the guests etc.)
The function of organizing pastime involves family gatherings at leisure time and on holidays. During such family gatherings they usually tell tales and legends, remember their ancestors, play, sing, dance, etc.

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