Дети из Армении стали лауреатами V Всероссийского фестиваля «Наследники традиций»

Дети из Армении стали лауреатами V Всероссийского фестиваля «Наследники традиций», итоги которого были подведены в рамках одноименной...


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Программа «Арар: Программа сохранения, распространения, развития и популяризации национальной культуры в регионах Республики Армения»...

Armenian ICH 3 Inventories (2009-2019)

Image by Georgi Danielyan
  •  Inventory of RA ICH Living Elements

1. “Sasna Tsrer” epic
2. Kochari
3. Yarkhushta Dance
4. Traditional wedding ritual
5. Khavits
6. Increasing of Katik
7. Symbolic application and decoration of the “Year bread”
8. St. Sargis Holiday
9. Terndez
10. Vardavar
11. Worship of St. Tevatoros
12. Worship of Tukh Manouk
13. Krunk Song
14. Gatseq Teseq Song
15. Batola Dance
16. Traditional Forging
17. Cross Stone Mastery
18. Family Tree
19. Needle Lace
20. Tradition of making and using wooden charms
21. Ashughs poetic songs
22. Tradition of making and using tonIr
23. Lavash
24. Gata
25. Armenian Letter Art and its Cultural Expressions
26. Preparation of Fruit Vodka
27. The tradition of cooking and using yogurt
28. Traditional carpet weaving
29. Tamzara Dance
30. Musical Instrument Tar and its Preparation
31. Winemaking
32. Sahari
33. Pilgrimage to the monastery of St. Thaddeus

  •  Inventory of RA ICH Urgent Safeguarding Elements


1. “Karos Khach” Novel Songs
2. Rope Dance
3. Forecast Songs
4. Avetis Songs
5. Khachbur
6. Embroidery
7. Barekendan
8. Vordan Karmir
9. Clclan of Gyumri (Mushurba)
10. Shadows Puppet Theater
11. “Kokh” Wrestling
12. Bagpipe

  • Inventory of RA ICH Cultural Spaces


1. Areni village
2. Gyumri town
3. Meghri town
4. Ashnak village
5. Goris town
6. Khachik village
7. Verin Dvin village



List of RA ICH according to field

1. “Sasna Tsrer” epic 2010 Inscribed on the ICH RA list in 2012.
2. Family Tree 2010 Symbol of memory, phenomena, events and processes related to the lineage of ancestry.
3. “Avetis” Songs 2011 “Avetis” is the song that children sing on Christmas.
4. Shadows Puppet Theater 2019 Armenian folk shadows theatre

Folk Music
1. Krunk Song 2010 Folk lyric song dedicated to strangers and longing
2. “Gatseq Teseq” Song 2010 It is a folk symbolic, ritual song of Shrovetide
composed of 12 chain parts, each of which symbolizes the transition from one month to another.
3. Ashughs poetic songs 2016 Ashughs poetic songs are performances by amateur or professional music-poets accompanied by musical instruments.
4. Musical Instrument Tar and its Preparation 2018 Tar is a multi-stranded string instrument. Has a bold, rich, powerful sound and timbre.
5. Sahari 2018 The sahari is a ritual melody. In Armenia it is mainly played in weddings with traditional zurna, duduk and kamancha music instruments.
6. “Karos Khach” Novel Songs 2011 Armenian folklore, religious epic
7. Fortune-telling songs 2011 The songs of fortune-telling mostly sing on the Ascension Day in spring time and are typical for Armenian folklore.
8. Bagpipe 2019 Traditional folk music instrument
9. “Kokh” Wrestling 2019 Traditional Armenian wrestling, match


Folk Dances
1. Kochari. Taraditional Group Dance 2010 Inscribed on the ICH RP list in 2017
2. Yarkhushta Dance 2010 Armenian traditional clap dance
3. Batola Dance 2010 Armenian traditional circle wedding dance
4. Tamzara Dance 2018 Armenian traditional circle dance
5. Rope Dance 2011 Folk and ritual dance on the rope


Folk Craft
1. Traditional blacksmithing 2010 Traditional craft related to metal aesthetic processing
2. Cross Stone Mastery 2010 Inscribed on the ICH RP list in 2010
3. Needle Lace 2016 Women’s traditional craft, decorative-applied art made by thread and needle
4. Tradition of making and using wooden amulet
2016 Wooden amulet is wood carved wood, which features geometric, vegetable, cosmic patterns and, according to folk belief, protects the bearer from evil force.
5. Armenian Letter Art and its Cultural Expressions 2018 Inscribed on the ICH RP list in 2019
6. Tradition of making and using tonIr 2016 Tonir is an underground, clay wall oven used for baking, traditional cooking, as well as for heating.
7. Traditional carpet weaving 2018 Armenian carpets are extremely diverse, vibrant, colorful and everywhere nice decoration.
8. Embroidery 2011 Embroidery is one of the oldest form of decorative-applied art.
9. Vordan the red. Traditional knowledge, skills and experience related to the Armenian red worm 2019 Vordan the red is a special type of insect dye which is used for centuries in miniature painting, carpet making, medicine and etc.
10. Clclan of Gyumri (Mushurba) 2019 Clclan is a water bowl made of copper and brass, called Clclan for the special structure and the sound of water bubbles.


Folk Beliefs
1. Increasing the Katik 2010 Baby care habits
2. Worship of St. Tevatoros 2010 Pilgrimage to Nigavan village of Aragatsotn region dedicated to the worship of St. Tevatoros.
3. Worship of “Tukh Manouk” 2010 “Tukh Manouk” worship and beliefs in Kasakh village of Aragatsotn region of RA
4. Pilgrimage to the monastery of St. Thaddeus Under process for the ICH RP list, 2020


National Cuisine
1. Khavits 2010 Traditional food made with flour
2. Symbolic use and decoration of the “Year bread” 2010 The New Year custom of bread baking as a folk believes the evidence
3. Gata’s preparation and cultural manifestations 2016 Sweet cake made with oil, milk, egg. Preparation skills are practised by women.
4. Preparation of Fruit Vodka 2018 The vodka made from different fruits is typical of the rural communities that practice gardening.
5. The tradition of cooking and using yogurt (Matsun) 2018 Matsun is one of the oldest dairy products widely used in Armenia. Made from cow’s, sheep’s, goat’s and buffalo’s milk or their mixtures.
6. Lavash. Traditional bread preparation, significance and cultural manifestations 2013 Inscribed on the ICH RP list in 2014
7. Winemaking 2018 Winemaking has a long history in the Armenian Highlands. Traditional forms of winemaking have been preserved till nowadays.


Holidays and rituals
1. Traditional wedding ritual 2010 Tradition of marriage rites
2. St. Sargis Holiday 2010 Folk celebration of love and youth in St. Sarkis Day
3. Terndez 2010 Newlyweds’ holiday accompanied by the jumping on fire, dancing and future guessing
4. Vardavar 2010 A feast of water accompanied by water filling and other folk customs
5. Khachbur 2011 Khachbur is cross-stitched, the tree-like image associated with the cult of the grain.
6. Barekendan 2010 The celebration of Shrovetide called Barekendan in Armenia, which is a popular feast accompanied by carnival songs and dances.

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