The eighth session of the General Assembly of States Parties to the 2003 Convention

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Nature Elements


Elements of nature include beliefs about land (stone / mountain / rock, water, fire).
Land-mother parallel connection,
Swearing on the ground
Taking land from the homeland, from the grave,
Eating soil, drinking water, pouring it into the collar as a way to get rid of fear,
Prohibition to drive the land considered sacred.
The stone.
Sacred rocks provide healing or any other gift.
Conceptions about the connection with mountains, rocks, piles, spirits.
The ban on climbing sacred mountains and cutting stones there.
Stones, phalluses as a remedy against infertility.
Tombstones as a temporary repository for the soul.
The object of worship are stones struck by lightning, precious and semi-precious stones, which are attributed to healing, hypnotic and other properties.
Imaginations about miraculous lakes, rivers, springs,
The idea of ​​transferring gold to an object thrown into a river flow stop;
The healing, soothing և role of the river,
Perceptions of sacred sources (fertilizing, multiplying a woman’s milk, healing from various diseases, etc.).
Danger of falling on the water in the dark, crossing the water ական Precautions: Cross, keep your hand on your head.
Imaginations related to fire, smoke, coal, ash.
The connection between fire, hearth (tonir) and family.
The role of fire cleansing, fertilizing and abusing.
Fire and cinder (live fire).
Prohibition of extinguishing the fire with water.
The candle lit for the soul, the ban on blowing out the house lamp.
The sudden extinguishing of a burning candle and a fire in the hearth as a sign of misfortune.

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